What’s a better deal? $7,500/month for failure? Or $750 one time for success?

Seems like a no brainer, right?

Whether it makes sense or not, incarceration expenses are paid by you, the taxpayer. And due to the vicious cycle of recidivism, the chances of a man returning to jail after he’s been released is close to 96 percent.

In every community, approximately $7,500 per month is spent for each incarcerated man. At any time, in Orange County alone, there are at least 8,000 incarcerated men – do the math!

You may ask, why such an enormous price, with so little results? It’s because incarceration does not address the core problem that exists with men that break the law: their lack of a sense of purpose and belonging.

At Accountability Brothers we introduce men to the healthy communities of sobriety and the church, to interrupt the previous choices of drugs, crime, and misery. For $750 per man, (by using volunteers and partnering with other organizations), we can offer a willing man, shelter, food, clothes, employment opportunity, transportation, and a phone as they enter back into the community.

To receive help, we insist on three things from each man we assist:

-       Honesty

-       Sobriety

-       Presence

However, to make this happen, we need your help. Your contribution helps offer a man an alternative to the costly revolving door of incarceration.

You’re already footing the bill for failure, why not participate in success? Donate now.